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Open to US citizens and non US citizens
Deadline: 04/10/2023 (Tentative)

The American Friends of Herculaneum (AFOH) are pleased to announce a competition for one or more research grants of up to a total of $2,000 available to graduate students and up to $1,000 to undergraduates, who may be facing financial difficulties as a result of the covid crisis. We invite applications from students whose work may be in any area that relates to Herculaneum: archaeology and archaeological science; heritage management; the environs; literature; history and reception; papyrology; and education concerning these subjects. Your work must have implications for Herculaneum specifically (i.e. not generally in the Bay of Naples).

An application shall consist of a letter describing the applicant’s research on Herculaneum and their particular research needs during the covid crisis, plus one letter of support from a professor or other supervisor. It is expected that awards will be followed by a brief written report. Recipients of these awards will be encouraged to contribute to Herculaneum Archaeology and/or to the American Friends of Herculaneum panel at an upcoming SCS/AIA meeting. Both letters should be addressed to Carol Mattusch, President of the American Friends of Herculaneum, at , and delivered by 10 April 2021. Awards are projected to be announced by 1 May 2021

For more information about the scholarship, please click here

Preferred Qualifications

Application Requirements:

  • Materials: Advisor/supervisor reference, transcript, application form, letter of application (iincluding project description, project dates, and budget with explanations)
  • Undergraduate student who is a member of The American Friends of Herculaneum

Successful candidates will be expected to submit reports of their activities to the American Friends of Herculaneum


Research Offering Type

Independent Research, Grant



Undergraduate School

College, Engineering, LPS, Nursing, Wharton



Contact Information