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How can I share my work?

CURF runs several annual events such as the Spring Poster Symposium and the Fall Research Expo to celebrate the amazing accomplishments and discoveries of Penn’s undergraduates. Please sign up for the CURF newsletter to learn about deadlines for submitting to our events. You can also submit your work for publication in undergraduate research journals.
The library has many useful guides on creating posters: 

If you’d like help brushing up on your public speaking or presentation skills, the Communication within the Curriculum program is here for you.

Fall Research Expo and Open House

Meet over 300 Penn student researchers displaying posters of their projects conducted with faculty from all 12 schools!

Fall Research Expo on Penn Presents
Wide view of 2019 CURF Expo

We invite any Penn undergraduate who wishes to share their research with the broader university community to present a poster at CURF’s Fall Research Expo.  We are delighted to be hosting the event in-person this year, on Monday, September 19, 5:00-6:30pm, in Houston Hall, and virtually on thePenn Presents platform.

If you’d like to participate,please fill out this formno later than 11:59pm on Sunday,August 28to reserve a space for your poster and allow us to generate a program for the Expo.  If you are presenting jointly with other undergraduates, only one person needs to register, but please list all undergraduate members of the group.

Your poster should be24” x 36”, in either landscape or portrait orientation.  We cannot accommodate other sizes due to space and easel restrictions.  After registering, please bring your poster to the CURF office (3539 Locust Walk, 3rd floor) no later thanMonday, Sept 12so that we may set it up and have it ready for you to present on the 19th.  

We also invite you to submit a digital copy of your poster and a link to a brief “elevator pitch” to the virtualPenn Presentsplatform, so that your hard work can be archived and accessible to the entire Penn community.  Additional details below.


You will find detailed information when you log on at:, but in brief, here’s what you’ll need:  

  1. If this is your first time submitting a poster to our virtual poster hall, make sure to fill out your profile as soon as possible, including a picture and class details, via the site menu or by visiting this link: 
  2. Your poster, in PDF format. All dimensions and orientations can be accommodated, but please keep the file size under 50 mb.
  3. Another copy of the poster, saved as a .jpg or .png this time.  You should be able to do that in Acrobat or whatever PDF viewer you use.
  4. A high-level summary of your poster, as though you were submitting an abstract to a conference. This entry should be no more than 500 words, and less is almost always more!
  5. The link to YouTube or Vimeo where you uploaded your video summary/elevator pitch (no more than 3 minutes). 

Note that youwillbe able to go back to your posters to modify them.  However, you might not be able to see your draft immediately as we will be reviewing each submission.  Any questions or concerns, please feel free to email us.

Spring poster symposium

Spring Poster Symposium

The Spring Expo is a more intimate poster session, featuring the work done by students over the Fall semester. All students are welcome to apply. Please sign up for the CURF newsletter for deadlines on applications.

Spring 2023 Poster Symposium on PennPresents

Undergraduate Research Journals

Share what you’ve discovered or created! Consider publishing your work in one of the many Penn-based undergraduate journals.  The Undergraduate Research Commons provides an extensive index of undergraduate publishing outlets. 

If you have written a senior thesis, you can submit it to Scholarly Commons, a service of Penn’s libraries providing free access to the scholarly output of the university. Below is a list of some popular undergraduate research journals:

Open book floating in the middle of a library shelf