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Who are the Research Peer Advisors?

CURF Research Peer Advisors (RPAs) are undergraduates from a variety of research fields who can help Penn students get started in research. RPAs are available for consultation via email, and at CURF outreach events such as Preceptorials, Research Open Houses, Research Symposia, and Workshops. RPAs can help you explore research opportunities, identify potential faculty mentors, and apply for research grants.

Each September, all 1st- and 2nd-year students PLUS 3rd-year transfers will receive an invitation to be formally matched with a Research Peer Advisor.  However, undergraduates are always welcome to contact RPAs individually outside of the official matching process.

Current Research Peer Advisors

Isa Pan

Pan, Isa

Chemistry | Materials Science and Engineering
Linda Wu

Wu, Linda

Biology | Business, Energy, Environment, and Sustainability