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The Center for Undergraduate Research and Fellowships advises students and alumni face-to-face at 3539 Locust Walk (3rd Floor) or via Zoom.

After browsing the “Dig Deeper” section of our Fellowships page and identifying fellowships that interest you in our Fellowships Directory, feel free to schedule an appointment with the Contact Person for the fellowship(s) for which you wish to apply.

Draft Review

CURF is happy to review drafts for fellowship personal statements and other written application components, if permitted by the fellowship foundation. To submit a draft fellowship essay for review, please upload a .doc or .docx file via the Fellowships Draft Review process.

Drafts must be submitted at least 2 weeks in advance of the fellowship deadline (though earlier is strongly recommended). CURF can only guarantee one round of written feedback, but may be able to offer additional feedback if time permits.

Please note, Rhodes does not permit draft review of your personal statement, and Thouron does not permit draft review of any portion of your application.

Additional notes on Fulbright U.S. Student Program Draft Review

Prior to submitting drafts, please complete the relevant sections of CURF's Fulbright Self-Edit Checklist (which you'll find on the first page of Canvas Module 3). Applicants are strongly encouraged to submit Fulbright drafts by the Priority Target Date for Draft Review in July. By doing so, applicants opt-in for enhanced writing support (though CURF will continue to offer draft review after that date). Please review this document for additional details

Practice Interviews

CURF is happy to help applicants who are invited to interview for a fellowship prepare through practice interviews. Practice interviews simulate each fellowship’s interview format and pose questions tailored to each fellowship. Practice interviews are conducted as if they are an actual interview, and they are followed by applicant reflection and interviewer feedback.

To request a practice interview, please send the following information to the CURF contact person for the fellowship for which you are a finalist:

  • A pdf of your interview invitation
  • A pdf of your final application, and the names and contact info for the referees who wrote on your behalf
  • The date the interview will take place
  • All information you receive regarding the format and content of the interview

If you are studying abroad or are an alumnus/a, practice interviews can be conducted via Skype or Zoom. Applicants report that practice interviews help them feel more comfortable and confident as they approach their interview.