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Faculty may obtain funding to support undergraduate researchers through:

  • The Penn Undergraduate Research Mentorship Program (PURM) funds over 100 standing faculty each year to work with one or two students on a summer research project. (Note: if you are experiencing difficulty applying, please contact; there is a known issue with a quick but manual fix)
  • Team Grants for Interdisciplinary Activities (TGIA) (not being run in 2022) fund teams of faculty members to offer an intensive, interdisciplinary summer research experience for a group of 2-5 undergraduates.
  • Integrating Sustainability Across the Curriculum provides grants to faculty who want to focus a research-intensive course on environmental sustainability.
  • Many other Student-driven grants and funding opportunities.
  • If you know of undergraduates conducting their own original, independent, long-term research in any discipline, encourage them to apply for the University Scholars program.
  • Penn’s University Research Foundation (URF) grants take undergraduate participation under strong consideration when evaluating and scoring proposals
  • Finally, students can participate in research for academic credit, but cannot simultaneously receive a stipend