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Read the news articles below to learn more about what our students are up to in the world of undergraduate research, fellowships, and scholars programs! This is a great way to learn more about the types of research and fellowships students are participating in.

A New Lens into Ocean Optimism


Katelyn Jones ('24), a Biology major, researched how the temperature northern star coral responds to heat stress in an effort to better understand symbiosis in corals. Katelyn was mentored by Dr. Katie Barott (Department of Biology) and this…

All the Ways Research Has Helped Me


Inis Trifka ('25), a double major in Economy and Science Technology and Society, conducted research on Medicaid coverage, particularly related to postpartum coverage. Inis was mentored by Dr. Emily Gregory (Department of Pediatrics) and this…

Numbers and the Brain


Lily Goldstein ('24), a Cognitive Science major with a Math minor, researched how attention interacts with number perception in children under the mentorship of Dr. Elizabeth Brannon (Department of Psychology). This research was supported by…

How Research Shaped My Career Goals


Jackson Powell ('24), a Biochemistry and Biology double major, conducted research on neural repair and regeneration under the mentorship of Dr. Yuanquan Song (Department of Pathology and Laboratory Medicine). This research was supported by the…

Research is About Continual Growth


Heejoon Shin ('26), a Chemistry major, developed contrast agents to improve the use of biosensor for cancer detection under the mentorship of Dr. Ivan Dmochowski (Department of Chemistry). The research was supported by the Penn Undergraduate…

Mysteries to Personal Growth: My Journey with PURM


Jasjeev Singh ('26), a Physics major, researched dark matter theories under the mentorship of Dr. Robyn Sanderson (Department of Physics and Astronomy). This research was supported by the Penn Undergraduate Research Mentoring Program.