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Ever Thought About…? 

A Research Peer Advisor Podcast

Ever Thought About...? is a podcast created by undergraduates at the University of Pennsylvania, with exciting episodes about a wide range of research undertaken around campus. Sit down with us as we chat with Penn professors about the work they’ve dedicated their lives to. Scroll down and click on individual episode titles to hear full episodes!

Decoding the Human Brain: How Anatomy Translates to Behavior, and the Societal Implications

Episode: 2

"How do physical changes in the brain ultimately give rise to changes in the mind?" This is a key question that guides the research that takes place in Dr. Allyson Mackey's lab, The Changing Brain. In this episode, we sit down with Dr. Mackey, a professor of psychology here at Penn to talk about the significance and applicability of research in cognitive neuroscience. Dr. Mackey's work focuses on understanding the basic mechanisms underlying brain plasticity in children and how environmental factors can influence windows of peak plasticity.

April 26, 2024

Researching the Ancient Greeks: Wars, Plague, Hybrids, and... Cows?

Episode: 1

Classical Studies Professor Jeremy McInerney discusses the amazing breadth of his research.

April 19, 2024