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Open to US citizens and non US citizens
Deadline: 10/11/2023 (Tentative)
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Please review our updated step-by-step guide and timeline for the Gates Cambridge application process!

Gates Cambridge Scholarship

The Gates Cambridge Scholarship is a merit-based scholarship in any subject area for students to pursue a graduate degree at the University of Cambridge. The scholarships are for one, two, or three years, with a possible extension to a fourth year.

In addition to demonstrating wide-ranging academic excellence sufficient to be considered a top candidate in the Cambridge department to which they apply (which normally requires a cumulative undergraduate GPA of at least 3.80 or above by Summer 2023), the most successful Gates candidates have demonstrated the capacity to lead and "take others with them" to make the world a better place, a commitment to working for the greater good, and a good academic fit with the Cambridge graduate program to which they apply. Candidates with cumulative undergraduate GPAs below 3.80 at the time of application need to demonstrate sustained ongoing commitment to producing positive change in their chosen field.


  • For US Citizens living in the US - October 11, 2023 (US) (11:59pm UK time) -- (2023 US DEADLINE is TENTATIVE)
  • For candidates who are citizens of countries other than the US (including US citizens who are living outside the US) –  deadline is based on the student’s planned graduate course of study, either 1 December 2023 OR 5 January 2024 (2023-2024 INTERNATIONAL STUDENT DEADLINE is TENTATIVE)

NOTE:  If a Cambridge course deadline is earlier than the relevant funding deadline above, you must apply by the earlier course deadline.

Penn’s Application Process

  • There is no Gates application separate from the Cambridge graduate application (GRADSAF). That application includes a supplemental personal essay for the Gates Cambridge Scholarship (and another for the Cambridge Commonwealth Trust and the Cambridge Overseas Research Trusts).
  • While the Gates Cambridge Scholarship does not require Penn’s nomination, CURF will be happy to provide advice, guidance, and application assistance to you.  CURF requests that Gates applicants create a single PDF of the required application materials (with the exception of recommendations) and submit a pdf of their complete Gates Cambridge application to CURF using this form after they have submitted their Gates Cambridge application to the Cambridge website.

Contact Information

Dr. Wallace Genser
Center for Undergraduate Research and Fellowships 
3539 Locust Walk, 3rd Floor 
Philadelphia, PA 19104
You may schedule an appointment with Dr. Genser



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