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Deadline: 12/31/2022 (Tentative)

The Penn IUR Undergraduate Urban Research Colloquium (UURC) facilitates faculty-mentored, undergraduate urban-focused research. The program includes funding support for a joint faculty-student research project and a semester-long, credit-bearing seminar (CPLN 528/URBS 428). Students from each of the University’s undergraduate schools (Arts and Sciences, Engineering and Applied Science, Nursing and Wharton) are eligible to participate, and the Penn IUR UURC invites the participation of faculty from across the 12 schools to undertake research on a wide range of urban issues. The program will sponsor up to 10 projects each Spring. Grant funds will be provided for faculty to support new and/or existing research efforts.

Eligibility and Requirements:

  • Students must be in the spring semester of their sophomore, junior, or senior year.
  • All standing faculty and adjunct, practice or clinical professors in all schools are eligible.
  • Faculty must identify enrolling student as part of grant application, facilitate and supervise student research and participate in joint faculty-student presentations throughout the semester.
  • Research projects must be urban-focused and can be drawn from a range of disciplines including Anthropology, Art History, City Planning, Community and Urban Health, Community Development, Cultural Studies, Demographics, Design, Education, Economics, Engineering, Environmental Science, Finance, Fine Arts, Geography, Governance, History, Historic Preservation, Housing, Humanities, Immigration, Infrastructure, Landscape Studies, Law, Management, Medicine, Metropolitan and Regional Studies, Natural and Applied Sciences, Poverty, Public Policy, Real Estate, Social Work, Sociology, Transportation and Urban Studies.

Course Format:

Weekly seminar attendance by students is mandatory. Faculty are expected to attend and participate in four sessions: the first class in January and three subsequent sessions in which they will co-present their projects. At the first of these sessions they will present the context for their research question, at the second they will support their respective students in presenting their research design and at the last session they will support student presentations of findings and implications. Faculty-student presentations will be approximately 45 minutes. In addition to seminar attendance, faculty members will be required to meet with students no less than three times during the course of the semester. See list of past funded projects here.

Grant Support:

Grants (up to $2,000) will be available to support faculty-student research projects. However, grants may not be used for direct faculty or student compensation during the period of the course (but may be used for a student stipend during on-going summer research).


Applications for the UURC grant program should not exceed two pages in length and should include:

  • Research Project Description: An outline of the topic/research area and its relevance/connection to urban-focused issues. This outline should include the questions the research seeks to address, the methodology to be employed, the research gap that is filled, and how the proposed research expands existing knowledge within the discipline.
  • Student Participation and statement: Provide the name, year and school of the student. The student should briefly describe how they see the project fitting into their course of study, what research skills they have or hope to learn, and what they hope to gain from the course.
  • Detailed Project Budget: Outline use of funds in the following categories: research materials, transportation/fieldwork, summer student stipend and other appropriate expenses.

The Request for Proposal form should be completed and submitted electronically to Kimberly Noronha (


Research Offering Type

Grant, Independent Research



Undergraduate School

College, Engineering, Nursing, Wharton



Contact Information

Kimberly Noronha, (