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Open to US citizens and non US citizens
Deadline: 02/12/2025 (Tentative)

General Information

SNF Paideia Fellows are a select group of undergraduate students committed to developing the knowledge, skills, and values needed for effective, ethical, and civil dialogue in a diverse world. Fellows develop a small, close-knit, and academically diverse scholarly community over the course of their three years (sophomore – senior year) in the program. Far from being insular, the Fellows community constantly looks to connect and converse with other entities at Penn and beyond, pursuing integration where there is fragmentation.

SNF Paideia Fellows can apply for up to $4,000 a year to cover costs associated with their academic and service work that relate to the mission of the SNF Paideia Program. This could include class and capstone related research and travel; service, civic dialogue, and/or wellness related projects; and/or stipends. In addition, stipend and housing support is available for summer internships (typically the summer after junior year).

Program Details

  • Participate in a sophomore year and junior year seminar designed to build skills and community among the Fellows. These half credit seminars provide Fellows with the opportunity to explore their own personal, professional, and civic identities in conversation with relevant academic research.
  • Take three Paideia designated courses focusing on relevant aspects of dialogue across differences, public service, and personal and social wellness. These courses may fulfill additional requirements in a student’s major or school.
  • Complete a Senior Capstone project that integrates a Fellow’s major with civic dialogue, service, and/or wellness. This would include participation in Senior Capstone Workshops, held in the spring of junior year and fall of senior year, and designed to help develop and execute their unique SNF Paideia Capstone Project.
  • In addition, SNF Paideia Fellows will have the opportunity to:
    • Help plan and attend co-curricular events related to issues of dialogue, wellness, service, and citizenship, and designed exclusively for SNF Paideia Fellows.
    • Serve as student facilitators at SNF Paideia-sponsored campus events, and as mentors to future classes of SNF Paideia Fellows.
    • Cultivate a broad network among students, faculty members, and staff at Penn who share a commitment to the themes of the SNF Paideia Program.
    • Complete a summer internship related to issues of public dialogue, service, and/or wellness.

Paideia designated courses will be noted on a student’s transcript, and those who successfully complete the Paideia Fellows Program will receive an SNF Paideia Program Certificate.

Eligibility Guidelines

Students may apply or be nominated for an SNF Paideia Fellowship in the spring semester of their first year. Selected Fellows participate in the program for three years, from their sophomore through senior year.

Application Details

Students can apply here.

Funding Type


Research Offering Type

Grant, Internship



Undergraduate School

College, Engineering, Nursing, Wharton



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