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Deadline: 02/04/2025 (Tentative)

General Information

The SURE (Summer Undergraduate Research Experience): Natural and Biomedical Sciences Program is a ten-week summer program during which undergraduate research fellows conduct full-time independent research under the direction of a faculty mentor. Participants receive a housing award for residence on the Emory campus and a stipend to support their full-time attention to research training and professional development. Student researchers benefit from hands-on research, mentorship, networking opportunities, and graduate school preparation. Further, SURE provides an opportunity for students to discuss research and start building their professional network with world-renowned researchers and the best and brightest peers from Emory and other institutions.

SURE students come from all backgrounds and disciplines including the humanities, arts, social sciences, natural sciences, physical sciences and engineering. However, only Emory students are eligible for the Humanities, Arts, and Social Sciences Programs. The Natural and Biomedical Sciences Program is open to Emory and non-Emory students.

The Natural and Biomedical Sciences offers the opportunity to develop skills such as designing experiments, problem solving, interpreting results, communicating research to a variety of audiences, and navigating difficult ethical situations.

Eligibility and Guidelines

SURE participants will:

  • NOT be enrolled in summer courses.
  • Complete all pre-arrival admittance steps.
  • Attend and participate fully during the entire program.
  • Dedicate approximately 40 hours/week to their research projects.
  • Participate in all weekly seminars, workshops, discussion groups, and activities as scheduled.
  • Present a poster or oral presentation during the SURE symposium.

Application Details

To apply, click here.

Funding Type


Research Offering Type

Independent Research, Internship, Research Assistant



Undergraduate School

College, Engineering, LPS, Nursing, Wharton



Contact Information