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Over the course of my three years at Penn, research and CURF have been crucial to my development as a future physician and anthropologist. Originally from Northern New Jersey, I am incredibly humbled to be presenting my work for a fourth, and final, year. I am a University Scholar, studying Medical Anthropology and Hispanic Studies in the College of Arts and Sciences. My work has spanned 7 studies over 2 countries, and has mostly delved into the intersections between medicine and anthropological inquiry. I find the dynamic interactions between social, political, economic, and biological states of being powerful indicators of individual and population-based health status. More specifically, my research interests include women's reproductive health, fertility, feminine perceptions of being, reproductive policing & agency, and implementation science. I proudly serve as a Research Peer Advisor for CURF, a Peer Writing Tutor for the Marks Family Center for Writing Excellence at Penn, and a member of Penn Singers Light Opera Company. Even if you don't have any research-related questions, come chat! I am happy to talk more about my own research journey or guide others through theirs.

  • Independent Researcher, Guatemalan Health Initiative (May 2019-present)
  • Independent Researcher, Reproductive Health & Fertility Assessment (June 2020-present)
  • Research Personnel, COVID-19 Health Experiences Assessment, (March 2020-present)
  • Research Personnel, Sayre Health Needs Assessment (June 2020-present)
  • Research Personnel, Perelman School of Medicine Department of Nephrology (Present)
  • Research Personnel, Biocultural Anthropology Methods Lab (November 2018-Present)
  • PURM Award Recipient
  • Distinguished Presenter: Society for Applied Anthropology 2021 Conference
  • Research Peer Advisor
Academic Major(s): Medical Anthropology and Global Health
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