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Mentor Areas

I am a Medical Oncologist with postdoctoral training in Cancer Genetics and PhD training in molecular and cellular biology. My research interests are in the genetics of human disease, particularly familial cancers, and in the translation of genetic data for managing individuals at risk for cancer. My laboratory is using human genetic and genomic data coupled with model systems to study mechanisms of cancer formation in patients with inherited forms of breast and prostate cancer. We also have a number of translational projects using large genetic datasets to perform genotype-phenotype analyses in cancer.


We have a three positions open in the laboratory depending on the undergraduate's experience and interests.

PROJECT #1: Title: Prostate Cancer Genetics: We are part of the an emerging Translational Center of Excellence at ACC and the Veterans Association Prostate Cancer Foundation Center of Excellence at CMCVAMC, studying inherited risk factors for prostate cancer. 

PROJECT #2:Title: Li  Fraumeni Syndrome:  We are part of a multi-institutional consortium studying cancer development in patients with inherited TP53 mutations. 

Excellent organization skills and attention to detail required for all positions! For each project, we have a number of projects across the translational spectrum - clinical research (enrolling patients), bioinformatic (analyzing genomic sequencing data), and wet bench (work up of novel prostate cancer susceptibility genes).

Preferred Qualifications

Wet bench projects: Laboratory based biology courses required. Prior basic laboratory courses including use of micropipettors preferred. Prior laboratory experience with mice or in a tissue culture room preferred but not necessary.

Bioinformatics projects:  Fluency in Python and/or R required.

Clinical research projects: Prior sample processing experience and/or in consenting patients beneficial but not necessary.


Preferred Student Year

First-year, Second-Year, Junior, Senior



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Work Study


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Assistant Professor of Medicine and Genetics