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Paul and Kathleen Barthmaier Award

Deadline: 03/20/2023 (Tentative)

The Paul and Kathleen Barthmaier Award has been established by Kathleen M. Barthmaier (Wharton ’03) to provide financial support to assist with travel expenses related to intellectually enriching undergraduate research or fellowship experiences. While priority will be given to internationally focused projects, proposals focused on domestic (based in the United States) issues will also be considered. Grants will be awarded up to $2,000 depending on the needs of the project.

Student Exhibition Internship

Deadline: 04/22/2023 (Tentative)

The Penn Museum offers paid internships to three undergraduate students at Penn to work with Museum staff and create a small exhibition. The year-long internship focuses on the planning, development, design, fabrication, and installation of a small exhibition featured in the Penn Museum. Interns will learn first-hand about the curatorial, content development, administrative, and design aspects of staging an exhibition in a large museum. After the exhibition’s opening, students will implement educational programs and events for the Museum’s public and academic audiences.

Frances Velay Fellows

Deadline: 03/20/2023 (Tentative)

SNF Paideia Fellowship

Deadline: 02/27/2023 (Tentative)
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