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As a Benjamin Franklin Scholar, you have access to funding opportunities for unpaid/underpaid internships and research projects. See below for more information.

Franklin Opportunity Fund (FOF) - Summer Internships

Each year BFS provides funding for a limited number of unpaid or underpaid summer internships.  These should be internships that allow you to further explore an area you've already touched on in your coursework or other experiences, or to continue a more firmly-grounded interest. We operate on a “you find it, we fund it” model.  The internship duration may be for four (4) weeks or longer. Internships that are shorter than four weeks are not eligible.  We are also unable to support internships that require interns to pay a fee for placement.


The spring 2024 application is now closed. 


Applicants must be current first-years, sophomores, or juniors and in good standing in BFS. Students graduating in Spring 2024 are not eligible for this funding.  Students may receive FOF support only one time.  Recipients of FOF funding may not simultaneously hold any other paid position during the time they are supported by the FOF.

Application Procedure

Applications are submitted via an online form (now open) which requires PennKey authentication. 
Please complete the application form carefully.  It includes questions about the internship in which you’re interested, how you found it, and how it fits into your longer-term academic and career goals.

Summer Research Funding

BFS students enrolled in any undergraduate school are eligible for BFS Summer Research Funding. To apply, visit CURF's Common Research Application. All students seeking summer research funding should identify and meet with a faculty research mentor, follow the advice on writing a strong grant proposal on the College Alumni Society Undergraduate Research Grant page, and concurrently pursue other sources of funding.  CURF's Undergraduate Research pages can be enormously helpful in getting started. 

If selected for funding by CURF's faculty research grant review panel, BFS students will receive supplemental research funding to defray the costs of their summer research. The maximum BFS Summer Research Funding is $2,100, but most awards are $500-$1,000, which can be used in conjunction with other summer research funding. Recipients will be expected to present their research findings at CURF’s Fall Research Expo. 


March 15, 2024 - Applications due