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BFS Students in Class

Course charts from the upcoming, current, and past semesters are available here (see Course Charts section below) to review each semester’s BFS seminar offerings. Ultimately, though, BFS courses are listed on Path@Penn. Select "Ben Franklin Seminars" under the "Honors Attribute" search option to find an array of possibilities and to confirm all course-related details.
BFS courses may count toward other requirements at Penn, including certain majors and general requirements. Your school's BFS Advisor assists students on an individual basis about how (and whether) specific BFS courses satisfy non-BFS requirements. 

BFS courses change from semester to semester, so if one in particular catches your eye you are encouraged to enroll in it!  Being in BFS does not guarantee a student space in a BFS course. Some classes fill quickly. 

Information for Faculty 

How can I participate in BFS? 

Faculty participate in BFS as teachers, mentors, and advisors. Faculty provide BFS's intellectual leadership through the BFS Faculty Council, by teaching BFS seminars, and by advising students throughout their academic careers. The inspiration, guidance, and encouragement faculty provide are central pillars of the BFS experience.

Faculty wishing to become involved in BFS should contact the BFS Faculty Director to discuss teaching a BFS seminar or other avenues of engagement. 

BFS Seminar Guidelines for Faculty 

BFS Seminars are characterized by: 

  • Small classes, typically 20 students or fewer (a third of the seats in BFS seminars are reserved for program participants) 
  • Intellectual challenge 
  • Accessibility to non-specialists 
  • Close engagement with faculty 
  • Independent thinking 
  • Promotion and stimulation of research

Instructions for Faculty to propose a new BFS seminar 

When proposing a new BFS Seminar, faculty should complete an application on CURF's Survey Monkey Apply Application Portal. Please be sure to have the information listed ready:

  • Course name
  • Instructor
  • Primary department sponsoring the course
  • Course number
  • Department administrator
  • Syllabus
  • One paragraph course description

Application can be found here:

Deadline for Spring 2025: September 9th, 2024

Deadline for Fall 2025: January 15th, 2025

Course Charts (click to download)