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ASAM Fellows Program

Deadline: 04/21/2024 (Tentative)

ASAM is an interdisciplinary program that considers the historical and contemporary experiences of Asian immigrants and persons of Asian ancestry in North America. Through the Fellows Program, ASAM aims to involve more undergraduates in original research, increase student engagement with ASAM faculty, and allow students to expand upon work in prior classes.

South Asia Studies Holden Furber Prize

Deadline: 04/01/2024 (Tentative)

Awarded annually for the best undergraduate essay on any topic related to South Asia.

Italia Innovation: Meaningful Companies

Meaningful Companies is a three-week innovation program that reveals the stories of companies that decided to be the best in the world while being the best for the world by designing their overall organizational structures and corporate strategies around a higher purpose than mere profit.

Italia Innovation: Excellence at Scale

The program will bridge theory and practice for a selected group of multidisciplinary international students through access to companies, real projects and conversations with Italian managers and entrepreneurs.

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