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Sobti Family Fellowship (Tentative Deadline)

Deadline: 04/03/2024 (Tentative)

The Sobti Family Fellowship will provide up to two Penn doctoral students with $12,500 each to develop independent research interests broadly related to CASI’s agenda. The Fellowship award will include an unrestricted $10,000* grant with the addition of up to $2,500 in reimbursed domestic travel expenses, conference attendance fees, and research materials.

AIF Banyan Impact Fellowship (formerly AIF Clinton Fellowship for Service in India)

Deadline: 02/20/2025 (Tentative)

The Fellowship pairs a select number of highly skilled young professionals with leading NGOs and social enterprises in India in order to accelerate impact and create effective projects that are replicable, scalable, and sustainable. Through ten months of service and fieldwork, Fellows gain knowledge of development on the ground in the fields of education, livelihoods, public health, and social enterprise, honing and harnessing their growing skills as change agents capable of effecting lasting change.

Coro Fellowship

Deadline: 01/13/2025 (Tentative)

The Coro Fellows Program develops emerging leaders by providing hands-on experience for recent college graduates working with urban institutions in one of five US cities (Los Angeles, New York, Pittsburgh, San Francisco, or St. Louis).

Emerson National Hunger Fellows

Deadline: 01/12/2025 (Tentative)

The Bill Emerson National Hunger Fellows Program participants gain field experience fighting hunger and poverty through placements in community based organizations across the country, and policy experience through placements in Washington, DC. 

Leland International Hunger Fellows

Deadline: 09/13/2024 (Tentative)

Leland Fellows develop new skills while actively working to alleviate hunger and poverty in Asia, Africa, and Latin America.  During the first year, fellows work directly to build food security in the field.  In the second year, fellows apply their field experience to the design of sound development policy at the organizational, national, and international level.

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